A Review Of The Best Electric Skateboards In 2017

The level sophistication of electric skateboards in 2017 cannot be matched. As one brand tries to stand out with a unique feature, their competitors yet release either a match or better competition. A keen look at electric skateboard reviews gives a clear indication that each of the popular brands has something to show. So, this well-researched article will highlight some of the best in 2017 and why they are the best.

A review of the best electric skateboards 2017

The Benchwheel dual 1800W

With a 20Mph speed tagged on this board, one does not need to wonder why it is one of the most popular. Its power is accredited to the two motors thus the name ‘dual.’ This level of top acceleration speed is not for the starters but the experts. The braking system is perfect both for newbies and the experts. Not many boards have the power to combine a lightweight with great resilience. However, this electric board has a deck made of layers of bamboo and fiberglass that makes it one of the most reliable both for safety and reliability.


Boosted Dual 200W

Riding the boosted dual electric skateboard enhances the experience to unimaginable level. One of the things to note is that this board is powered by two reliable mortals and a slim but very powerful battery. According to researchers, the recharging duration is shorter than of any other on the same level. Surprisingly, the board will nor task the user walk uphill as its one of the few which can do that for you.

Yuneec E-go cruisers

Cruisers have always been the best to maneuver around town.
Since the electric cruisers are designed to be light and convenient on a delivery of results. As much as the board cruises at only 13Mph on max, they users through various reviews claim that they are okay with its operation. Additionary, the Canadian wood results to reliable electric skateboards for all occasions.

How to buy an electric skateboard

Buying the best electric skateboards in 2017 will assure the user both convenience and fun. The users who cannot settle for anything else than top quality will also have a great variety to choose from. Again, whether a novice or pro, the electric skateboards have well catered for all categories.


While buying one, it’s good to consider battery as one main feature and the mortar power. Experts say that two means everything in electric skateboards. Be sure to choose well by